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Family Team Decision Making

Family Team Decision Making (FTDM) is a service provided by The Village Family Service Center in partnership with local county social service offices and the North Dakota Department of Human Services. When there is an emergency removal of children from the home, a referral is made to hold a FTDM meeting within 24 to 72 hours of the report/removal. In FTDM processes, a trained facilitator, who is independent of the case, brings together the children (when appropriate), family members, county social service staff, and other community support people to make an immediate placement decision and/or safety plan for children. The main goal of the FTDM process is to make a collaborative decision on the immediate safety/placement of children. 

Who can refer my family for a FTDM meeting?
Typically, a county social service worker (usually from Child Protective Services) will refer a family to FTDM. Other youth shelter care facilities may also refer families to FTDM. Non-professionals (i.e., family members, friends) generally do not refer families to FTDM.

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