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'A Literal Life Saver': What Clients Are Saying about The Village's IOP

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Gladys is the name of a colorful cow painting that hangs in the IOP room at The Village.

Her name is Gladys. From her canvas, the brightly colored cow watches over the IOP room at The Village Family Service Center’s Fargo office. Along with the painting of Gladys, pale blue walls and potted plants give the room a calm, cheerful vibe – a serene environment for learning and personal growth. Chairs sit in a circle around a basket of fidgets on the floor.

Four days a week, people from all walks of life gather in this room to problem solve life’s challenges, develop coping skills, support and learn from each other. Counselors teach them about wellness and self-care, relationships, communication, and more. All under Gladys’ assuring gaze.

The Village IOP is there for people who need more support than individual counseling can provide. It can be temporary help when life gets overwhelming. For some, it’s the appropriate level of care following an inpatient program.

Through its IOP, The Village has made a tremendous difference in the lives of many participants. Several of them recently shared what IOP means to them:

“I am so relieved that this option is here, it feels like a literal life saver.”

“(IOP taught me) how to handle and cope with my anxiety, which helps with my depression. I am grateful for The Village and the counselors that have helped so much.”

“The IOP program at The Village provided me with all the resources I was seeking but didn’t get until I tried killing myself.”

“IOP offered safety to be open. It allowed me to work through layers. IOP gives hope and knowledge toward sanity.”

“IOP at The Village taught me: 1. I am worthy of health relationships. 2. How to have/set healthy boundaries. 3. How to effectively communicate.”

“The IOP program at The Village has taught me to stop building walls unless I’m going to start adding doors because one day I’ll want to come out."

 “The IOP program at The Village literally saved my life. After two serious suicide attempts, The Village was the first place (even after 21 days in inpatient) to tell me the seriousness of my actions and walk me through the steps to heal and move forward.”

For more information about IOP, call The Village at 701-451-4900 or contact us online.