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Families and children who have experienced adoption through The Village Family Service Center and Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota's Adoption Option share their stories through this gallery of photos.

"We have been home with Xiao Song for one month now, and it has been a wild ride as we have all gotten to know each other. Our two younger children were initially very jealous of all the attention she was receiving, but they have begun to have so much fun playing with her and 'speaking Chinese.' Xiao Song brings joy to so many people with her friendliness and her joyful personality. She frequently gives kisses or hugs to people she meets, and her smile lights up the room. We especially enjoy watching her dance and clap during worship at our church...she really gets into it!

Of course, it has been a challenge at times, and the whole process took a lot of time, effort, and commitment. But we are so excited that we went through the journey and that Xiao Song has a family and a place to call home."

We started our adoption process in 2014, and we were only on the “official list” for about six months when we were chosen by a birth family! Our adoption process could not have been more perfect. We were chosen about three months before our baby was born, so that gave us time to prepare! Our miracle was born about two hours before her due date, and our lives have been forever changed since then! She just turned 7 months, and our adoption was actually just finalized. We have an open adoption with our daughter’s birth parents. We send periodic updates and pictures and meet face to face a couple times per year. One thing to remember with adoption is that no two adoptions are the same – everyone’s situation is different, and things can change over time. The birth parent relationship may become more or less open over time. We went into adoption with very open minds and were willing to work with birth parents, wherever they might be with things. We are so very thankful to be blessed with our miracle!

We started our adoption path around 2 years ago. We have been eagerly waiting to be chosen for about 20 months. We got a call at lunch time saying a birth family had chosen us for an adoptive family in the middle of May and three weeks later we got to hold our healthy baby boy. He is the center of our lives and we love him to the moon and back!! 

Adoption photo

When we began our adoption a year ago, open adoption was scary to us. Once we met our son's birthparents, our fears all disappeared. We are extremely happy with our decision to have a semi-open adoption with them. They will be able to see him grow and he will always know how much he is loved.



Adoption success story
"We feel so blessed to have been able to start and finish our adoption of the beautiful little girl that God has chosen for us!"

Adoption success photos
"Mommy and Daddy's little sunshine."

"Our adoption brought us this beautiful baby girl!"

"Adoption was a wonderful choice for us. Our little boy fills our lives with joy every day and we couldn't be more happy to have him in our life."

"We started the adoption process a little over a year ago. At first it is quite overwhelming, but once you meet with the staff they help you through all of the steps.
We actually got picked really fast; only waiting 4 months. The birthmother ended up changing the plan after we had him for 2 days so we had to say goodbye. The one thing we were most scared of happened. We wanted to give up, but with the help of the social workers, family & friends we decided to keep our profile up and try again. Then 8 months later we got picked again. The birthmother is an amazing person, truly selfless. She just wanted what was best for her baby. The whole process went very smoothly. We have openness, we share photos with her and talk through text to keep in touch.
We now believe that we had to go through that first time to bring us to where we are now. If we would've given up, we wouldn't have the most amazing little guy in our lives right now. We are so thankful! Adoption is a beautiful journey that requires patience, faith and hope."

Our adoption journey began after 6 years of struggling with failed attempts of fertility treatments. We had been considering adoption for a while but didn't know where to start. My sister-in-law sent us a picture of a newspaper clipping that said,"Is adoption right for you?" It was an evening class that Lutheran Social Services offered. I was very hesitant to attend as I didn't know if I was ready to start the next step. It was the fear of the unknown but my husband was very persistent and insisted that we go. It was the best decision that we ever made. After attending the class the majority of our questions we had were answered. They were so informative and had so much information to give. We waited about a month and did a lot of thinking and late-night discussions and decided this is the direction we wanted to go. We called and got an application and began the process. The social workers were amazing! They were always there to help put your mind at ease and answer any questions we had. Once all the paperwork and meetings were done the waiting began. This was probably the hardest part.

They tell you it can take up to two years for placement but when we started to come up on that one year mark we were having a hard time wondering why nobody was picking us. It would have been a year in May 2016 that we had been waiting, and we were fortunate enough to get a phone call saying there was a couple that wanted to meet with us. Nothing can prepare you for that phone call!!!!!! You wait so long and one call completely changes your life. We were beyond excited to meet but also very nervous. So many emotions and thoughts go racing through your mind.

We knew that this would be an open adoption, and we were going to meet the birth parents! We were so nervous and didn't know what to expect. The social workers were awesome and made the first meeting go very smooth. As the months went by we started to build a friendship and trust with the birth parents and share what each of us wanted for baby. 

The big day finally arrived, baby Aubrey was born! It was by far the most emotional day of our lives. We felt complete joy and excitement but at the same time fear that the birth parents would change their minds. We knew we had to be respectful of their decision. We also felt such sadness and guilt. Knowing what the birth parents must be going though. It just broke our hearts to know the hurt they must be feeling. 

Aubrey's birth parents are the most amazing, loving, and the bravest people we will ever meet. We are so blessed to have been chosen by them and truly believe God brought us together. 

If someone would have told us two years ago the adoption process was more of an emotional roller coaster than our fertility journey, I would have said you are crazy! They are beyond correct, so sit down, hold on tight, and enjoy the beautiful ride because it's all worth it in the end! We hope our story can bring some hope and comfort. Never give up hope!

The Village has helped us twice to grow our family through adoption. In 2013, we brought home our first son John and our experience with the ND infant program was wonderful. In late February 2016 we had an identified adoption situation happen very quickly. Our son Jakob was born 12 hours after we learned of him and The Village worked quickly and professionally to make sure everything was done right.  We are so thankful that Julie was there to help guide us through a time in our lives when we needed her to.  It is because of the help of the The Village that we are the parents to two beautiful little boys. We will always have nothing but great things to say about The Village and all who work there. 

"While we were going through the adoption process, it could at times be a very emotional experience. At first, every time the phone rang we got excited, but then after a while we just fell back into the normal. There were times that it seemed liked we were never going to get 'the call' we were so patiently waiting for. But the staff at The Village were very helpful with everything. Then one day when we least expected it, we got 'the call.' Yay! We honestly could not be any happier. We are truly blessed to have a beautiful baby girl in our lives. We would also like to thank everyone at The Village that helped make our dreams come true. So if you are reading this and patiently waiting, know that some day it will happen for you and that one day your dreams will come true!"

"Adoption wasn't always easy for us but we know now it was the right decision. Our hearts are so full of love and we're happier than we ever dreamed we could be!"

"Our beautiful baby."

1st Six Months (Video)

"God was just waiting for the right little boy to put into our lives and home. He is our miracle!"


"Thanks again for everything you have done for us. We can't imagine our life without our little man."

"I came home from Poland with my beautiful daughter, Maci, on June 10, 2016.  International adoption was a once in a lifetime experience. The process is very stressful, I ran into many kinks along the way. The facility/orphanage Maci was living at did not want to lose her and did everything in their power to keep her. I ended up staying in Poland for about 11 weeks with Maci, this would have been more like 6 weeks had everything went smoothly. While in Poland, I met some amazing people that I will be lifetime friends with. My new friends include people from Poland that my agency hires to help and other people from the USA that were there adopting. There were ups and downs throughout the process, but there is nothing that can replace the end result of bringing home my daughter. Maci is 3 1/2 years old and is doing amazing. She has come leaps and bounds physically and mentally; all she needed was love and a family. She is a happy, outgoing little girl. We have had no troubles with bonding, she has taken to me and knows I'm "mommy." The experience has changed our lives tremendously and it doesn't get any better than this!"  

"Sweet, beautiful, and deeply loved by her birth and adoptive families."

"Worth the wait!"

"All bundled up!"

"We want to shout our adoption from the rooftops!"

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"Like most families starting their adoption journey were excited, nervous, anxious, eager....and then you wait! As hard as it can be to wait, I truly believe that things happen when they are supposed to and often when you least expect them! Our adoption experience has been so amazing as we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and handsome son through adoption.

Although each situation is different and unique, we feel very fortunate for the opportunity to have an open adoption with the birthmother of each of our children. The level of openness may be different for each of our children, but each relationship plays an important role as we continue along our journey as a family.

The Adoption Option staff have been very supportive and incredible to work with."


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How can I possibly convey my gratitude to the birth mother who chose me to parent her child?  How can I ever thank everyone at The Village for bringing us together? There simply aren’t words. When I started the adoption journey, the whole thing seemed overwhelming—and I had serious doubts about the possibility of someone choosing a single woman to parent her child—but I worked my way through the imposing to-do list, one step at a time. From my initial meeting at LSS to the adoption workshop, from the piles of paperwork to the home visits, my social worker was kind, supportive, and reassuring every step of the way. I trusted in the process, and by some miracle, nearly one year to the day that I officially became a “waiting family,” I got the call that a little boy had been born and his birth mother had chosen me. (I still have to pinch myself to believe that my beautiful son is truly mine!) If you are reading this—at any point in the adoption process—and find yourself losing faith, I hope that my mantra will help you get through: IT ONLY TAKES ONE. No matter how many waiting families are out there and how many birth families are looking, it only takes one match to make your dream come true.

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