Follow My Lead is a six-week group that uses play to work on specific skills of both parent and child. Follow My Lead is great for families dealing with: ADHD, oppositional behaviors, relationship problems, childhood depression, anxiety, attachment, adoption, foster parenting, trauma and divorce, and autism spectrum disorders.
Girls 360 is a seven-week group for girls, ages 13-17, that addresses healthy lifestyle issues, relationships, social skills, safety in relationships and decision-making. Girls 360 is offered in The Village's Grand Forks office.
Anger and rage can cause lasting damage to relationships at home and at work. Whether your anger has led to violence or not, this anger management class can help you control your anger.
The Village's Mindfulness group, offered in The Village's Fargo office, will help you learn to recognize and disengage from busy or negative mind states. Practice switching gears from the driven/doing mode that is so prevalent in our culture to a more peaceful and effective way of dealing with life’s ups and downs.
"Parenting the Love and Logic Way" is a six-week workshop designed to help parents raise children who will grow into responsible adults.
Relationships 101 is a six-week group designed to help couples build relationship skills important to the success of their relationship.
The purpose of Renting 101, an online class provided free of charge, is to teach students the basics of finding rental housing and being a responsible tenant.
Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress (SPARCS)is designed for adolescents who have experienced a trauma and continue living with high levels of stress. SPARCS is held in The Village's Moorhead office.