Testimonials of the difference Family Group Decision Making can have on families.

  • [FGDM] allowed both families to communicate their concerns for mother and children and work together to reunite mom and the kids. Our families were very open and frank about their feelings and opinions and did a respectful job.” —Aunt
  • “It was amazing to see families, whom I didn’t think would be able to develop a plan, come up with a better plan than I could have thought of.” —Service Provider
  • “[FGDM] brought our family together and was healing.” —Parent
  • “The family meeting provided a plan of care for me and saved me months of work.” -- Service Provider
  • “It was a good day and we got a lot done. We still have a long road ahead, but this meeting was a very good start." --Family member
  • “I felt that this meeting was very beneficial for us.  In the road ahead everything will get better for us as a family. Thank you so much for having this meeting today.” —Family member
  • “This was a great experience for my family and we learned a lot about each other and what we can do for each other." -- Family member
  • “Thank you very much for providing this for us. I feel like everyone knows how we all feel now and everyone is on the same page with the kids now. It helped greatly.” -- Family member

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