Providing traditional daycare / child care , as well as care for kids in families facing special needs

The Nokomis Difference!

Nokomis is a daycare/childcare center with a mission! We're a nonprofit organization, and the work we do is a labor of love.

While all families are welcome at Nokomis, many of the children come from single-parent families, low-income families, have teenage parents, or are at risk for abuse and neglect. In fact, 70% of the children at Nokomis are “mission” kids, meaning either a portion of their child care costs are covered by a subsidy and/or Nokomis scholarship; or their behavioral, developmental, or physical issues make Nokomis their only option. 

We were founded in 1971 by the Fargo–Moorhead Indian Association due to the sense that there was a lack of affordable, quality educational child care for the American Indian population. (What does "Nokomis" mean?) Today, the population of children we care for is strikingly diverse, which we believe is a big plus given the increasingly global culture in which we live.

Nokomis became part of The Village Family Service Center in 2006. The Village is a Fargo-based nonprofit that aims to improve life for children, families, and individuals. The Village traces its roots back to the 1890s, when it was established as an orphanage. So its history and mission are a perfect match for what we do!