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5 Tips for Building Up Your Savings
The words "5 tips for building up savings" are seen next to a wooden piggy bank in the background
We all know it feels good to have some extra money in the bank, but it 's easier said than done to stash that cash. It takes discipline, but there are some tricks and tips that you can follow to become a saver: Have a budget and stick to it...
The Art of Bartering in the Modern Age
Man holding a layered baked good topped with berries.
By Alicia Kellebrew NFCC Certified Financial Professional The Village Financial Resource Center I have been accused of being somewhat of a “throwback.” I can’t help but see a lot of value in the way our parents, grandparents, and beyond used to do things and feel that some of those old...
How to Prepare Your Child (and Yourself) for College
Parents carry boxes while moving their son into a college dormitory.
For parents of college freshmen, "back to school" means something entirely new this year – new schedules, new living arrangements, perhaps in a new city. This increased sense of freedom and responsibility can be exciting and overwhelming, and the student may have a difficult time making decisions. At the same...
'She’s Helped Me See I’m Stronger Than I Think': An In-Home Family Therapy Story
Two young sons stand in front of their mother, who has her arm wrapped around them.
Eleven-year-old Colton stood next to his estranged father’s gravesite with his mom and younger brother, and read aloud the letter he’d written to him at counselor Maggie Bohannon ’s suggestion. Maggie, who works in The Village’s Minot office , provided in-home family therapy to Colton, his brother, Drake, and mom,...
How to Make Meetings Feel Less Like a Root Canal
Man has his head down on the table during a business meeting.
By Robert Jones EAP Trainer, The Village Business Institute You’re moving along, getting work done, feeling productive, and then you have to stop for a meeting. Normally this wouldn’t bother you, but you’re not sure why you were invited to this meeting, or even what the purpose of the meeting...