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What is a Counseling Session Like? Therapist John Lyon Explains
Therapist John Lyon is pictured with the Village logo
Sometimes people know they need help, but they're apprehensive. They don't know what a counseling session is like, and that unfamiliarity can be scary. Will I have to lie on a couch? (No.) Are you going to make me do something I don't want to? (No.) If I start counseling,...
The Most Valuable Pieces of Real Estate in the World
Vehicle with Realtor logo parked outside a cemetery.
By John E. Trombley The Village Business Institute Recently someone posted a picture of a real estate agent’s vehicle parked at the entrance to a cemetery and asked what the Realtor was trying to sell there. While it seemed to me to be a poor attempt at humor on this...
The Challenges of Work-Life Balance (and Why We're Not Fruit on a Scale)
Apple balancing on a scale
By John E. Trombley The Village Business Institute Work-life balance is an interesting concept. Many people have written about it, conducted research on it, and trained countless numbers of us in how to achieve it. You would think with all that focus we would all be well-balanced and happy by...
Tips to make your next family vacation a reality
Family of three standing on a beach while the tide rolls in.
By Kelly Olson The Village Family Service Center Summer is the season for the family vacation. Whether it’s a trip-of-a-lifetime to a far-off destination or an afternoon spent frolicking on a nearby beach, vacations rejuvenate the soul and revitalize relationships. Routines dominate our everyday lives. Vacations can force us to...
Support, Communication + Recognition: Lead Through Influence, No Matter Your Title
Business woman sitting across from two other people.
By Robert Jones , EAP Trainer The Village Business Institute A friend in the armed forces told me he is struggling with his supervisor, because that man is not a good leader. It’s an unfortunate situation for my friend, who I know is a strong leader. Our conversation made me...