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The Village offers ‘positive outcomes’ for clients, says longtime supporter
Village board member and supporter Dick Warner next to The Village sign
As a high school principal for nearly three decades, Dick Warner tried to foster a “safe harbor” environment, where every student would feel like there was at least one person who cared, one person they could go to for help. That’s the sort of environment The Village provides to the...
Feeling Sleepy? It Could Be Dangerous For You And Your Workplace
Man asleep on table at work.
By Joyce Eisenbraun, EAP Trainer The Village Business Institute Ever fallen asleep in the car at a stoplight, waiting for it to turn green? Ever nodded off in the middle of a conversation? Briefly closed your eyes – at work – and jerked awake moments later when your head hit...
Boundaries Are Necessary In All Relationships
Young woman upset with head in hands next to young man. Appear to have relationship problem.
By John E. Trombley The Village Business Institute A close friend and associate shared recently that he was struggling under the weight of having established out-of-balance relationships with certain family members (not his wife and children). He acknowledged that his deep Christian faith reinforces his sense of caring for those...
15 Tips for Getting your Child to Sleep
Child sleeping with teddy bear.
By Kelly Olson The Village Family Service Center Kids are like angels when they're asleep, but sometimes it can be a devil to get them to drift off to dreamland. Here are 15 tips to make sure your child gets his or her 40 winks. Routine. Have a routine and...
What Parents Need To Know About Teens And Dating
Couple holding hands
By Kelly Olson The Village Family Service Center It seems like yesterday they were holding your hand across the street. Now your son or daughter is a teenager. They’re interested in dating, which you know can mean more than just holding someone else’s hand … It’s difficult to establish a...