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How Kristin, Bernie, and Aubrey Became a Family: An Adoption Story
Bernie and Kristin hold their daughter, Aubrey
Aubrey is a sweet and contented toddler. She erupts in giggles when her dad, Bernie, flips up the footrest of her pint-sized, pink recliner, or when her mom, Kristin, covers her cheeks with kisses. She was what Bernie and Kristin were waiting for during the six years they tried to...
What’s Your Frame for Change?
A woman frames her face using her hands.
By Joyce Eisenbraun Village EAP Trainer I have a dear friend who has been unhappy in her workplace for a few years. The organization is struggling, and her role has been modified more than once. Yet when asked if she would be willing to look for something more fulfilling, her...
Still Serving: Military experience shapes Village counselors
The American flag is seen with The Village logo
As we honor all who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, we share the stories of three veterans who work for The Village. Jim Martini, Heidii Poplick, and Maggie Bohannon continue to serve, but in a different way. All three are counselors – Jim and Heidii see clients in...
This Giving Tuesday, #BeTheVillage for someone you know
Young girl hugs her father with her eyes closed
Someone you know is in trouble. It could be your friend, your coworker, your pastor, the kid down the street. And rarely will you know it, because who wants to admit they need help dealing with life? You can help change this person's life, or even save it. A person...
Once Upon a Time: How Stories Make the Workplace More Engaging
A woman looks up from her typewriter
By John E. Trombley, MMgt The Village Business Institute Much has been written about the power of storytelling and how important it is in passing on morals, values, ethics, knowledge, and experience. At work, we tell stories about our own experiences and those of others to help us share the...