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Why That Leadership Book Won't Make You a Better Leader
A row of wood carved business people
By Robert Jones EAP Trainer, The Village Business Institute Have you ever sat back and thought about where leaders come from? If I were to ask you what a leader is, I’m sure you could rattle off some traits or characteristics that an individual may possess that would make them...
You Ask, We Answer: The Most Common Questions about The Village
A boy wearing glasses has a sticky note with a question mark on his forehead
When people call The Village at 1-800-627-8220, a team of client support staff is waiting to connect them with the services they need. These friendly folks guide new clients as they make their appointments, answering a lot of questions along the way. Here are some of the more common questions...
Welcome to the 'Guilts' – Here's How to Learn From It and Let Go
A sad-looking woman leans her head against a window, which reflects her image.
By Joyce Eisenbraun Village EAP Trainer Ever feel like you’re not enough? Not doing enough, not saying the right things, not keeping in touch the way you envision, not living up to the perfection your friends or family seem to effortlessly display? Welcome to the “guilts.” Too often, our expectations...
In Times of Crisis, The Village is There
Man is comforted in group session
The call came on a Tuesday. An employee of a manufacturing plant had died in a car accident just after midnight. Some of his co-workers first heard about it on the news. By Wednesday afternoon, Stephanie Schafer , a Village counselor, was at the workplace nearly 350 miles and several...
Change your perspective on money, change your financial life
Black-and-white line drawing that can be seen as a young lady's profile or an old woman
By Alicia Kellebrew NFCC Certified Financial Professional There’s a classic optical illusion that features a drawing of an elderly woman or a young woman, depending on how you look at it. It’s purposefully ambiguous. The nose of the elder woman could be seen as the chin and jawline of the...