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A Joy-ful Giver: Supporting The Village's Greatest Needs

Monday, May 21, 2018


Joy Query’s father took night classes to work his way through higher education. He valued education and wanted to ensure that others had access to opportunities like he did. So every month he gave a donation to a boarding school in England that helped underprivileged boys.

His example wasn’t lost on Joy. While still living in England, she started making regular gifts to the boarding school that was near and dear to her father’s heart. As she ventured to the U.S., she embarked on her own philanthropic journey.

For decades Joy has supported the work of several nonprofits in the Fargo-Moorhead community, including The Village Family Service Center. Giving is a way she says she can live positively and contribute.

“We are the world, and I am unable to separate myself from other people,” Joy says. “We belong to each other.”

Joy learned more about the services and needs of the Fargo area while working as a university professor. She’s an adoptive parent, and her interest in the work of The Village began in the 1950s, when The Village operated as an orphanage. Joy appreciates The Village’s continued focus on helping children with services such as early childhood mental health, adoption, mentoring, and truancy intervention. “There are so many services in one place,” she says.

In addition to her years of support through volunteerism, Joy is one of The Village’s core sustaining givers, supporting the greatest needs of the organization through a monthly donation. She understands the importance of consistent funding streams and would encourage others who are considering making sustaining gifts to begin.

Being a sustaining giver has allowed her to be a partner in the work of The Village, and she values that.

“Giving is very satisfying and makes you feel like a useful part of the world community,” she says. “Those of us who are lucky enough to have a job should give. I know that is an old-fashioned concept, but it is important.”

It involves having a sense of gratitude, but also wanting to help others who need it.

For more information on making a sustaining gift to The Village, please contact our Development department by calling 800-627-8220.