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Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First: The Importance of Self-Care

Monday, December 11, 2017
A flight attendant gives safety talk to passengers on the airplane.


Anyone who's flown has heard the saying. “In the event of a sudden drop in pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from above. Secure your own mask first before assisting others."

This idea of ensuring our own wellbeing is at the center of self-care, says Katie Figuerres, an Employee Assistance Program counselor with The Village. 

Self-care is doing something that benefits you – and only you – spiritually, physically or mentally. Self-care looks different for different people. It could be practicing yoga, reading a book, sharing coffee with a friend, praying or some other activity.

Regardless the form it takes, self-care replenishes us, and gives us the capacity to give of ourselves to others. 

That can be an especially important message during the holidays or other stressful times, when we may be tempted to skip self-care activities in favor of something we deem more "productive" or a "better use of time."

But just like in the airplane example, in order to assist others, we need to take care of ourselves first. We need to make sure we have enough oxygen to keep going. 

Figuerres encourages people to prioritize self-care activities instead of making them the first thing to be scrapped from an overflowing schedule.

Watch the video below to hear more from Figuerres about self-care. 

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