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Tips to make your next family vacation a reality

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Family of three standing on a beach while the tide rolls in.

By Kelly Olson
The Village Family Service Center

Summer is the season for the family vacation. Whether it’s a trip-of-a-lifetime to a far-off destination or an afternoon spent frolicking on a nearby beach, vacations rejuvenate the soul and revitalize relationships.

Routines dominate our everyday lives. Vacations can force us to put down our schedules and spend time together in different ways. They remind us that work can go on without us, and our absence may even help our colleagues appreciate us more. Time away can expose us to new interests or hobbies, and inspire creativity by giving our brains a chance to rest.

Vacations don’t have to involve major time or financial investments. You can go camping, hiking or picnicking at a state park, take a day trip, or enjoy a “staycation.” Hang out in your own backyard next to a pool, lounging in a hammock, and reading a good book.

Time away does, however, require some planning. Here are eight tips to make your next vacation happen:

  • Stop waiting for a good time. Sit down with your family and pick a date. Look a couple of months ahead to ensure that your schedule is open.
  • Avoid your “busy” times at work so there are no reasons to cancel your vacation.
  • If it’s an adults-only trip, prepare your kids for when you will be gone: how many days, who will be taking care of them, how they will get to activities, etc.
  • Talk to your boss about the importance of needing this time away.
  • Prepare your team or office for when you are going to be gone. Get things organized. Let them know if, when and how you will be checking in.
  • Think about ways to ensure that you can “unplug” during your vacation. Limit how you will be available and how often you will check your email. Shut off your email so that it won’t push to your phone. Let staff know that you only want to be notified if there is an emergency, and then let them know what an “emergency” is.
  • Consider whether turning a “work trip” into a personal vacation is the right thing for you. Are you able to fully relax so that you can return to work rejuvenated?

Take the time and effort to take time off, connect with loved ones, and enjoy all that summer vacations have to offer.

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