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You Ask, We Answer: The Most Common Questions about The Village

Monday, October 9, 2017
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When people call The Village at 1-800-627-8220, a team of client support staff is waiting to connect them with the services they need. These friendly folks guide new clients as they make their appointments, answering a lot of questions along the way. Here are some of the more common questions they regularly address:

What does The Village do?

The Village provides behavioral health services. This includes mental health counseling, addiction recovery, financial counseling, pregnancy and parent support, mentoring, truancy intervention, and more. To see a full list of our services, visit

Will my insurance cover my appointment?

The Village does accept most major insurance plans. Whether services will be covered depends on your individual insurance policy. You will need to ask your insurance company if the services you are seeking would be covered.

I have The Village EAP. How does it work?

The Village Employee Assistance Program is a benefit provided by your employer. The employee and members of the employee’s household may access services covered by the EAP. These include mental health counseling, financial counseling, legal assistance, chemical dependency evaluations, nutrition counseling, and wellness education. The number of sessions available are based on the number of individuals in the household, usually four per household member. For example, a household of four receives 16 sessions, and a household of five receives 20 sessions. A household of one receives eight sessions. To access your EAP benefit, call 1-800-627-8220.

Can I make an appointment for my adult son or daughter?

To schedule an appointment for anyone 18 years of age or older, we must speak to that individual directly.

Can your counselors prescribe medication?

Typically, no, The Village’s counselors are not able to prescribe medications. The Village does provide limited medication management.

Do you do couples counseling?

Yes, we provide couples counseling, as well as individual, family and child therapy. It is important to know that insurance typically does not cover couples counseling, and appointments must be paid for up front.

Do you do anger management classes or domestic violence assessments?

Our St. Cloud office holds a regular anger management and domestic violence groups. At our other locations, individual counselors can help with anger issues.

Do you offer first-time homebuyers education?

The Village no longer offers a homebuyers class. We refer people to different online resources, including eHome America (North Dakota) and Framework (Minnesota).

Do you provide legal services?

No, The Village does not offer legal services. Individuals with access to The Village Employee Assistance Program can receive a half-hour consultation with an affiliate attorney and a reduced rate on further legal assistance.

Can you help me pay my rent, medical bills, or other expenses?

The Village does not offer monetary assistance to individuals or families. We do offer financial counseling, which can help you create a plan to manage your money.

Do you offer mediation?

The Village’s John Trombley is trained and registered as a mediator. To schedule an appointment with John, call 701-451-4953.

Do you have other questions? Call 1-800-627-8220 or contact us online.