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Considering Placing Your Child For Adoption?

Placing your child for adoption

Adoption is another way of showing love to your child. Choosing to place your child in a caring, stable, two-parent family can be the greatest gift you can give your child. As you decide if adoption is the right choice for you, there are many things to consider:

Possibilities—Explore all the possibilities related to openness in adoption, placement with a relative or extended family member.

Pressure—Don’t allow others to pressure you into or out of considering all of your options. We can assist you in talking with the baby’s father and other important people in your life about your pregnancy and the decisions that you’re making.

Parents—View profiles of families hoping to adopt.

The Adoption Process—Click here to learn more about the adoption process.

Gallery - View profiles of adoption success.

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Adoption Option, a partnership between Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota and The Village Family Service Center offers pregnancy and parenting support services, adoption services and post-adoption search and disclosure services.

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