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Depression, anxiety, anger, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, and more – The Village's licensed professional mental health counselors are trained to help adults, couples, children, and families dealing with a wide variety of relationship, behavioral, and mental health issues through individual counseling and group therapy. 

If you're not sure you need counseling, think about it as a health check-up instead of a visit because something went wrong. You wouldn't wait until your car breaks down on the side of the road to take it in for a tune-up. Neither should you wait until you are feeling broken to seek counseling services. 

Appointments may be available in-person or online via telehealth.

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If you are a medical professional looking to refer a patient for services, please fill out this online referral form.

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Counseling for Adults

Counseling is a safe space to process your thoughts and feelings. It's a way to improve your overall sense of health and well-being. Counselors are neutral, outside sources of support. They can affirm what you are feeling, provide encouragement, and offer coping skills, such as how to manage your anxiety, communicate more assertively, or grieve in a healthy manner. It's confidential – you are in charge of the information you share. 

The Village Family Service Center's licensed professional counselors provide individual and group counseling for adults dealing with a variety of issues: 

... and many other issues that prevent adults from living the best life possible.

Contact The Village Family Service Center office nearest you to find a counselor who can work with you on the challenges you face. 

Counseling for Couples

Relationships between couples always have room to grow. In the course of daily interactions with your spouse or significant other, there are bound to be moments of confrontation and aggravation. So, in addition to working with individuals, The Village is also here to work with couples.

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Counseling for Children

We like to think of childhood as an easy, carefree time. It's not that way for every child, and even the most well-adjusted child experiences difficulties. The Village's licensed professional mental health counselors are specially trained and incredibly effective in helping children who have a variety of issues. Find out how The Village can help improve mental health in children and adolescents.

In-Home Family Therapy

The toughest lessons learned on the road to family wellness are often experienced along the way, and even the most prepared family can't predict what conditions lie ahead. Intensive In-Home Family Therapy (also known as Family-Based Services) practitioners at The Village are like a family's custom-designed road map. They are trained in therapies that help families support their children and adolescents. They specialize in helping prevent families from having to place a child at risk outside the home, and in reunifying those children back into their family home or the community. Read about The Village's In-Home Family Therapy Services.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

The Village Intensive Outpatient Program for mental health provides additional support for adults who need more than weekly counseling appointments or who are exiting partial hospitalization. Individuals can receive the support they need through group therapy, individual treatment planning, and more. Find out how The Village IOP can help you heal from the past and hope for the future.

Addiction Services

Struggles with alcohol use and other substances affect not only the person, but also family members and significant others. We believe individuals with a substance use disorder can manage the disease and regain control of their life through education, therapy, and other supports.

The Village offers chemical dependency assessment and evaluation; if you are covered by The Village Employee Assistance Program, addiction assessments and education are available at no cost to you. Several licensed addiction counselors on staff are available to help you. Adults who struggle with substance use can access a wide range of confidential outpatient treatment options through our First Step Recovery program in Fargo, North Dakota.

At First Step, addiction specialists work closely with registered nurses to identify and manage underlying issues that often accompany a substance use disorder. You will find the right level of outpatient treatment to meet your needs, and we will work in cooperation with your primary care clinician. Most private insurance plans are accepted, and we are an approved provider for the ND Substance Use Disorder Voucher Program. Family members of First Step clients can attend a family program at no cost. To reach First Step Recovery, call 701-451-4900 or contact First Step online.

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Mental Health Treatment Options

The Village is committed to providing clients with innovative services and integrated care. This includes ensuring counselors are trained in cutting-edge therapy models.

A cornerstone of our work is Family Systems Therapy, which focuses on the family rather than the individual. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, rather than them being caused by external factors, like people, situations and events. Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy emphasizes solutions that have already been developed by the individual and/or family. Play Therapy uses play-based experiences to communicate and interact with a child. Narrative Therapy helps clients re-create a positive life story.

Learn more about EMDR, PCIT, and other specific therapy models Village providers utilize.


Counseling Resources

You are not alone. Many individuals, couples, and families face challenges with a variety of common mental health and behavioral health issues. These can include anxiety, depression, conflict, stress, and trauma. As a service to the community, The Village offers information and resources on a variety of common mental health issues.

What Happens at My First Appointment?

Sometimes uncertainty stops us from seeking help. Knowing what to expect can put your mind at ease and make taking that next step easier.

  1. Call The Village. Our friendly intake staff will help set you up with an appointment and paperwork.
  2. Get to know your provider. If you would like to learn more about your counselor before the appointment, you can look them up on the Providers page on our website.
  3. Do your paperwork. You'll have the ability to complete your paperwork online in advance. If you aren't able to, arrive early to your appointment to fill out the necessary documents.
  4. Meet with your counselor. Your first session with your provider is an intake. This is a get-to-know-you session and will involve a lot of questions.

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