Training and Consulting

"Our employees' favorite workshops are from The Village. Why? The trainers provide instruction on things that matter in our workplace. They create a fun and entertaining learning experience and they are respectful of our employees – patient, listening well and answering questions clearly."

Tailored to You

The goal of any workplace training is to meet the needs of your organization. The VIllage EAP’s team works with you to personalize the topic, adapting to meet your goals and objectives.

  • Trainings can be delivered in-person or online
  • Interactive sessions often include a combination of lecture, discussion, participant exercises and various visual aids, including PowerPoint slides and handouts
  • If your organization would prefer other training topics, please contact The Village to consult with a trainer regarding a customized training

Read our Training and Consulting Services guide or explore the training topics below:

Start the Process

Requesting a speaker is easy. Simply call 1-800-627-8220 and ask to speak to the Client Services Associate or email us. You’ll want to contact The Village EAP at least four weeks in advance, since schedules often fill up quickly. You can also book months in advance for special organizational meetings, to ensure the date is held for your team.

Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training and Development

Well-trained supervisors are essential to any organization’s success. Helping keep the team focused on the mission and vision, interacting with integrity, and living out core values of leadership are all part of an accomplished supervisor’s toolkit. All the sessions below are designed for supervisors or managers.

Supervisor Basics

Whether a refresher course or new skill-builder, the topics are timely and helpful for any supervisor:

  • How to hire and build a trusted team
  • Delegating with accountability
  • Methods of managing performance

Create a Culture of Accountability

Do you understand and appreciate the link between results and the level of accountability of your team?

  • Define expectations and eliminate barriers
  • Explore ways to implement successful accountability habits

Motivate and Engage Employees

What is the correlation between supervisors and motivated, engaged employees?

  • Review the most powerful factor in employee motivation
  • Discuss the techniques that can be used to create an engaging environment
  • Understand the ways supervisors can support employee motivation

Constructive Performance Reviews

One of the most challenging roles of any supervisor is conducting effective employee performance reviews: 

  • Consider the value of effective feedback as essential for employee growth and development
  • Examine best practices for communicating professional feedback
  • Review key attributes of setting goals and getting buy-in

Tailored options available for ongoing management or specific performance issue reviews

Goal Setting

Effective goal setting offers direction, motivation, and accountability, both personally and professionally:

  • Examine what we can do to set effective goals
  • Outline SMART Goals
  • Consider some goal-setting techniques

Hire the Right People

The process of adding new staff to your team can be challenging:

  • Examine methods to prepare for an effective interview
  • Discuss question types and models for conducting the interview
  • Consider methods of evaluating candidates for best organizational fit

Support Your Team’s Wellbeing

In an ever-changing world it is key to be able to connect with your team and know how to support your team's wellbeing:

  • Discuss common reactions to uncertainty
  • Understand the effects of anxiety and stress on the workplace and your employees
  • Learn tips and tools for supporting your team's well-being

Supervisor’s Guide to EAP

A valuable tool in a supervisor’s toolkit, the Employee Assistance Program provides support for you and your

  • Learn what resources are available through The Village EAP
  • Discover ways the EAP can assist with concerns
  • Explore how the EAP can serve when addressing employee performance concerns

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Leadership Training and Development

Quality leadership is essential to an organization. The focus of these trainings is to prepare new leaders as well as strengthen existing leaders within your organization.

Develop the Leader in You

Regardless of their role in the organization, anyone can lead. What style do you use? What characteristics are vital for effective leadership?

  • Explore key characteristics of successful leaders
  • Discuss principles of value-driven leadership

Tailored options: Can be developed to benefit supervisors or all employees

Lead Effective Teams

Building and leading effective teams takes leadership that is committed to helping the team succeed:

  • Discuss keys to effective teamwork
  • Learn methods for leading an effective team
  • Explore how to lead with heart and values

Trust Building

One of the most significant aspects of an influential leader is the need to establish a trusting relationship:

  • Consider what trust is
  • Examine what leading with trust looks like
  • Consider the role of trust in building a successful organization

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is more than just the holiday celebrations. It’s the decision-making tool that we use, our hiring practices, and how we disseminate information:

  • Look at what organizational culture is and how it can influence success
  • Consider ways to develop culture
  • Examine the role of leadership in shaping the culture

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Team Training

Team Training and Development

Topics in this group are designed for all employees, to help everyone on your team grow and learn.

CliftonStrengths® Training

CliftonStrengths® is a unique tool that helps you identify your and your team's innate strengths and turn them into superpowers. It's backed by over 50 years of research and designed to help you achieve success by leveraging your distinct abilities. 

  • Strengths Discovery
  • Team Development
  • Team Engagements
  • Coaching

Check out more information here

Conflict Resolution

Although often viewed as negative, conflict can be very healthy for organizations:

  • Explore how conflict can be useful to help teams and organizations change and grow
  • Consider steps for effective conflict resolution 

Intergenerational Teams

Interacting with people from multiple generations is an important skill set for any organization:

  • Examine generational differences, strengths, and similarities
  • Explore techniques to effectively work with each generation

Tailored options: Discuss all generations, or focus on millennials or other generational subsets

"Appreciated that not all of us fit in one category." – Training Participant

Generation Z

There is a new generation entering the workforce that has the potential to change the workplace:

  • Who is Generation Z?
  • How will Gen Z impact the workplace?
  • How can an organization attract and retain the best of Generation Z?


In difficult times, some people are better able to adapt and overcome and others are not. Why is that? How can we develop resiliency to better handle difficult situations?

  • Define resiliency
  • Learn the components of resiliency and how to put them into practice
  • Build a culture of resiliency

Workplace Diversity Matters

Want to propel your team or organization to be its best? Harness the power of diverse thought and ideas:

  • Explore why diversity is an asset to the team or organization
  • Discuss how to include and use the diverse strengths
  • Consider how to effectively resolve differences

"Engages with the group. Gets you thinking." – Training Participant

Empathy in the Workplace

One of the most valuable skills to have in the workplace is empathy, which can help you better relate to your coworkers and clients. Knowing how to be empathic can help you improve communication with others and create great relationships, making for a positive workplace:

  • Define empathy and understand how it differs from sympathy
  • Discuss importance of empathy in the workplace
  • Learn how to become more empathetic

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Employee Training and Development

Helping employees grow and develop will enhance motivation, support retention and augment other efforts to develop healthy, strong organizations. 

"The Village EAP is very accommodating to our annual training needs. We appreciate their flexibility, as we have several remote locations and affiliate companies. We are grateful to EAP for facilitating our required annual training for our 400-plus employees. The impact is everlasting!"

Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Knowing where to establish healthy boundaries is key for today’s highly connected world:

  • Discuss healthy and unhealthy boundaries
  • Explore how to set boundary limits at work
  • Consider methods of feedback for times when boundaries are crossed

Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential to the growth and success of your team or organization:

  • Investigate critical components to successful communication
  • Discuss the variables that impact the effectiveness of communication strategy
  • Explore positive ways to enhance your communication
  • Discover participant preferred communication styles

Exceptional Customer Service

Superb customer service keeps your customers happy and returning, so how does it work in your organization?

  • Review the standards of excellent customer service models
  • Examine how to overcome common barriers to excellence
  • Consider how to build processes that ensure quality customer care every time

Tailored options: How to serve difficult customers, including how to defuse tension and avoid mistakes, and how to maintain self-confidence and control in difficult situations

Emotional Intelligence

The emotional and social skill set of an individual can shape relationships, ability to cope and daily life:

  • Assess personal ability to understand individual emotions and organizational climate
  • Consider how to recognize and constructively address problems that have their source in emotional intelligence

"The material was very beneficial to what we do." – Training Participant

Unconscious Bias

Discover the reality of how we make automatic choices and the impact of these biases on our organizations:

  • Explore the definition of unconscious bias and its impact on daily choices
  • Consider ways to increase personal and organizational awareness of unconscious bias
  • Embrace tools that can help individuals and teams combat unconscious biases

Civility in the Workplace

In the past two decades, rates of incivility in the workplace have risen significantly, leading to an increase in harassment:

  • Consider the slippery slope from incivility to harassment
  • Examine the impact on the organization
  • Identify your role in creating a civil work environment

Self-Care for the Remote Worker

For many people, working from home may be a new practice and may, therefore, require an adjustment in schedules, workflows and how they use their home space. Taking care of your wellbeing while working from home is going to be crucial to your productivity and balance:

  • Learn about the importance of setting boundaries
  • Discuss components of wellness
  • Tips and tools for practicing self-care while working remotely

Work-Life Blend

The concept of work-life balance is being replaced with a more flexible and attractive approach to self-care known as work-life blend:

  • Compare the idea of work-life blend and work-life balance
  • Examine the challenges and the benefits of work-life blend on the employee and the organization
  • Outline ways to encourage this blend

Transparent Communication

Did you know that 50% of employees have issues with trusting leadership? It is imperative to understand the importance of communicating with transparency. Not only does it build trust, using transparent communication can assist in creating a happier and more engaged working environment.

  • Learn the importance of transparent communication in the workplace
  • Discuss how to create a transparent working environment

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Regulatory and Compliance Topics

Helping your team comply with various federal and state regulations is an important part of ensuring their success in your organization, and helping the organization be successful as well.

Drug-Free Workplace

Every employee has a responsibility to maintain a safe workplace that is free from drugs and alcohol:

  • How to recognize and respond to drug or alcohol abuse among coworkers
  • Review their organization’s Drug-Free Workplace policy
  • Useful for all employees

Reasonable Suspicion

Supervisors are the key to enforcing an organization’s Drug-Free Workplace policies:

  • Review the organization’s Drug-Free Workplace policy and their responsibility
  • Discuss how to recognize an employee who is struggling with drugs or alcohol
  • Consider how to intervene appropriately, following established procedures and documenting performance patterns
  • Useful for supervisors, managers

Title VI and You

Any agency that receives federal funding should be aware of these regulations:

  • Become aware of the policies and what they mean for your organization
  • Discuss how your organization can comply with the federal mandates
  • Useful for supervisors and managers

Prevent Harassment or Bullying

Using the organization’s policies, the training focuses on critical elements dealing with harassment or bullying:

  • Help employees identify types of harassment (hostile work environment, sexual harassment, etc.)
  • Discuss how to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Prevent bullying by identifying types of bullies and techniques to deter them
  • Review methods to address harassment complaints, according to organizational policies

Options: Useful for all employees or can be tailored for supervisors

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Personal Wellness and Self-Care

Supporting healthy lifestyles and encouraging employees to be more proactive in caring for themselves results in a more productive and healthier workplace.

Mental Health Awareness

The need to understand mental health and mental wellbeing are crucial to our personal and professional lives:

  • Learn about warning signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • Identify how we can support friends and family dealing with mental illness
  • Consider how we can fight the stigma of mental illness and examine the benefits of counseling

Stress Management

With individuals feeling overworked, over-extended, overwhelmed, and overloaded, it may be time to pause:

  • Explore common causes of stress
  • Discuss strategies for reducing stress in our lives

Navigating and Coping with Change

Change is the only guaranteed constant in life. Whether the change is personal or professional, people will feel its impact in their lives:

  • Consider the realities of change and the stages for accepting change
  • Outline some techniques for embracing change
  • Discuss the role a positive attitude can play in creating effective change

Time Mastery

When your “to-do” list is longer than your time frame, how do you deal with the challenges?

  • Address some common time management myths
  • Explore strategies to help master your schedule
  • Learn tips for dealing with procrastination

Compassion Fatigue and Employee Burnout

Understanding the challenges and stressors we face can feel overwhelming. The care and energy we give to others
can play a role in feeling fatigued and burnout:

  • Learn what compassion fatigue and burnout is and how it affects you
  • Discuss how to manage stressors
  • Tips and tools for practicing self-care

"Easy to relate to and made me think about ideas in my daily life." – Training Participant


Living every moment, aware and present, is an important component to enjoying life:

  • Explore how to pay focused attention on purpose to the experience of the present moment
  • Discuss how to incorporate self-compassion into your workplace

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude can be a valuable tool for strengthening and developing a team. Gratitude can offer someone a sense of value, help them feel accepted, and increase their motivation:

  • Discuss what true gratitude is and how it can influence success
  • Consider why we struggle to show and accept gratitude
  • Consider how practicing gratitude can strengthen the culture of an organization

Making Positivity a Habit

A positive attitude is contagious and can elevate the success of an individual and a team:

  • Learn what influences our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes
  • Consider how to develop a positive mental attitude to decrease stress and improve our outlook
  • Outline some ways that we can embody positivity to influence the success of an organization

Holiday Stress Management

Life can be stressful, and the holiday season brings about even more stress. To effectively deal with holiday stress we need to start preparing in September:

  • Consider what causes stress during the holidays
  • Identify some of the effects of holiday stress
  • Outline some techniques for preparing for and dealing with holiday stress

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Financial Wellness

Learn how to manage your money better and have a successful financial future.

Money Management

When there is more month left at the end of the money, it can be stressful:

  • Review financial situations and explore common pitfalls
  • Explore your financial values
  • Identify ways to take control of finances

Specialty Money Management Topics

Money management impacts all aspects of our lives. Topics can be tailored for your needs, but could include these important categories:

  • Explore credit cards and how they work; credit reports and how to build credit
  • Review money and your values and goals; money sense; being financially fit
  • Discuss pre-marriage money conversations, financial communication for couples
  • Deal with life events such as kids, college students, divorce, buying a vehicle or a home, holiday spending
  • Organize financial records; basics of tax planning; cash management; planning for college or retirement; living on reduced income
  • Get a grip on identity theft; gambling

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Employee engagement is vital for organizational success, driving higher profits and shareholder returns. Research shows that engaged workers lead to 6% higher net profit margins and five times higher shareholder returns over five years (Kevin Kruse).

Explore the variety of Consulting and Mediation services The Village offers. For more in-depth descriptions, read our Training and Consulting Services guide.

Organization Development Consulting

Our unbiased consultants offer strategic insights to enhance your organization's performance through:

  • Organizational assessments to identify strengths and opportunities
  • Employee engagement surveys for informed decision-making
  • Strategic planning for sustained growth
  • Leadership transition facilitation to minimize disruptions

Mediation Services

Resolve conflicts effectively with our qualified mediators, addressing workplace and family issues such as:

  • Employment disputes
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Family business conflicts
  • Divorce settlements

Career and Leadership Development

Develop strong leadership capabilities with personalized coaching and assessments:

  • Individual leadership skills and personality assessments
  • Executive and management coaching for enhanced effectiveness
  • Career coaching and transition services for personal growth

To learn more or to request a quote, call 800-627-8220 or email us.