The Impact of Mentoring Youth

How Having a Mentor Improves School and Home Life
Big Brother and Little Brother playing jenga together

January is National Mentoring Month! It's the perfect time to explore the impact that mentoring youth makes on their lives. You can change the lives of kids in your community by becoming a Big. Here are just a few examples of what mentorship offers to kids:

Better in school




80% improvement in academic performance ?

Better attitude about school

55% less likely than their peers to skip school

Better school attendance
(There's no place like school)

Increased high school graduation rates
(Diploma, here I come! ?)

Lower high school dropout rates




Help a Child Be Better in School

Better relationships


Other Adults

Social Ties

Increased trust and better communication with parents
(Moms & dads love mentors)

Stronger relationships overall

76% improvement in relationships with other adults

More positive social attitudes
(The world really isn't so bad)

83% improvement in relationships with peers ?

Less likely to start using illegal drugs and alcohol





Encourage Better Relationships

Better skills




Improved interpersonal and communication skills ?

79% improvement in ability to express feelings

81% more likely to participate in sports or extracurricular activities

More positive attitudes ?

Enhanced goal-setting abilities
(Making the future brighter ?)

Higher college enrollment rates





Teach Important Skills

Better sense of self




88% improvement in self-confidence ?

Enhanced self-esteem 

Greater understanding of acting with kindness

90% are interested in becoming a mentor themselves ??

130% more likely to hold leadership positions in the future
(& that's how you empower youth!)

Exposed to more career resources






Increase Confidence in Youth

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