Pregnancy Counseling: Turning Fears into Hope and a Plan

Common Fears About Pregnancy Options Counseling and How To Turn Them Into Empowered Views
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Any time a woman finds out she’s pregnant, she experiences a wide range of emotions – excitement, nervousness, joy, fear. These feelings can be more intense, and the situation more confusing, when the pregnancy was unintended.

Social workers with The Village Family Service Center counsel expectant women who feel scared or alone in their pregnancy. They provide a listening ear and non-judgmental guidance as the woman explores her options, including adoption.

“They were very friendly and helpful with all our needs and questions,” one client said about the pregnancy counseling experience. “My worker was very friendly, and in my vulnerable state, was very comforting,” another said.

These social workers also can help the pregnant woman, her partner, and family members process their feelings and think differently about their situation.

Consider these common fears, and how they change once the woman is empowered to make a life plan that’s right for her and her child.

FEAR: I’m scared to acknowledge my pregnancy … How can I even think of a plan?
EMPOWERED VIEW: Emotionally, maybe I’m not ready to be a parent.

FEAR: All these feelings have me overwhelmed.
EMPOWERED VIEW: Parenting requires more than love, and my child deserves stability.

FEAR: Adoption is hard work.
EMPOWERED VIEW: My child is worth the hard work.

FEAR: My family will be disappointed in me if I let this child go.
EMPOWERED VIEW: Openness allows me and my family to share our love for my child.

FEAR: My child is going to hate me forever.
EMPOWERED VIEW: Openness allows me to help my child know and feel my love.

FEAR: I’m afraid of the pain of grief and loss I will experience.
EMPOWERED VIEW: I am ready to put my child first, and to care for myself with support.

FEAR: I’m afraid of regretting my choices.
EMPOWERED VIEW: Professionals can help me make an informed choice.

FEAR: What if I change my mind?
EMPOWERED VIEW: I am in control and fully informed.

FEAR: What will other people think of me or my plan?
EMPOWERED VIEW: I know I love my child.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and in need of guidance, call 1-800-627-8220 and ask to set up an appointment with a pregnancy counselor. You can also contact us online.

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