The Village Family Service Center Announces Partnership with Leading Agencies for Continuity of Care for Clients

NORTH DAKOTA – The Village Family Service Center has formed two strategic partnerships with leading agencies to transition their Adoption and Pregnancy Programs and Financial Resource Center.

The Financial Resource Center will officially transition to Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester on September 29.

Jason Tracy, CEO of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester, said, “Financial health is crucial to every community. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue the financial empowerment work of The Village Family Service Center in North Dakota. We know that our experience in helping tens of thousands of consumers to reduce debt, improve their credit, and save for the future will continue to build on this great legacy.”

Starting October 27, Catholic Charities North Dakota will take over The Village’s Adoption and Pregnancy Programs.

“The Village’s adoption program has been such a valued service to the community, and Catholic Charities is grateful for the opportunity to extend our adoption services to The Village’s clients, both current clients and those who may seek adoption-related services in the future. Our agency is committed to ensuring individualized, high-quality services and is dedicated to serving each family with the utmost respect and integrity,” said Executive Director of Catholic Charities of North Dakota, Kari Dew. 

These organizations have extensive experience and are dedicated to ensuring the health and happiness of individuals and families. Clients can anticipate the same exceptional care and assistance as they have previously received from The Village.

Kelly Olson, President and CEO of The Village Family Service Center, said, “I express my gratitude to Catholic Charites North Dakota and Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester for entering these valuable partnerships,” stated Olson. “Their support and dedication to these services have played a pivotal role in guaranteeing a smooth transition for all involved.”

The Village is strategically realigning its focus to more effectively tackle the escalating behavioral health needs of our society. The organization acknowledges the significance of facilitating a seamless transition for those seeking services and holds strong confidence that these partnerships will enable clients to continue to receive support.