The VIllage Receives Grant From Jamestown Community Foundation

BISMARCK – The Jamestown Community Foundation has awarded a grant for The Village Family Service Center, marking a significant step forward in school-based mental health services at Jamestown Public Schools. The funds will empower counselors to gain a range of therapeutic resources, enhancing their ability to support K-12 students within the community. 

Dedicated to fostering the well-being of students in Jamestown, the grant from the Jamestown Community Foundation underscores the shared commitment to ensuring that mental health services are accessible and impactful within an educational setting. 

About the Jamestown Community Foundation:  
The Jamestown Community Foundation stands as a pillar of support for initiatives that enhance the quality of life in Jamestown and its surrounding areas. By investing in projects that directly benefit the community, the foundation exemplifies its dedication to promoting a thriving and resilient environment.