School-Based Mental Health Services

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The Village Family Service Center partners with several school districts in Minnesota and North Dakota to provide school-based mental health services. These services include assessment, evaluation and treatment of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD, for children in grades K-12.

School-based mental health services are often more convenient for families. The student is away from the classroom less, and therapists are better able to collaborate with school personnel. The Village’s providers work with the child, their family, and the school to develop and implement a treatment plan that will address the child’s unique circumstances. This therapeutic intervention promotes a student’s success at school and overall mental health.

The Village has a passion for helping kids and families, and a long history of service in the community. Our therapists are trained in evidence-based models, and we are dedicated to staying current on the latest therapeutic approaches.

School-Based Mental Health Q&A

How are Village services provided at school?

The school provides an office located in the school building for The Village to use to provide therapy sessions to students. A licensed Village therapist can assess the child’s needs, create a treatment plan, and determine ways to address issues the child may be facing. 

The parents' role in their child’s therapy is instrumental for success. We welcome parent feedback regarding progress and symptoms and will actively engage parents in the treatment process. Depending on the child’s needs, therapy can be weekly or bi-weekly and for as long as needed to alleviate symptoms. Individual and/or group therapy may be an option for the child, depending which school they attend

How do I know my child could benefit from services?

Some things to watch for in deciding if your child may have mental health concerns include:

  • A loss of skills, for example, a child who normally did not have issues with going to bed now cries, screams, and refuses. 
  • A traumatic, scary, or dangerous experience, such as witnessing violence, followed by a change in behaviors or sleep patterns.
  • Significant change in eating, sleeping, or mood (such as excessive crying) that lasts longer than a couple of weeks.
  • Difficult behavior at home, daycare, or school. For example, the child has frequent detentions, suspensions, or behavior tickets.
  • Difficulty adapting to a change such as parental separation, death in the family, or a move to a new home, daycare, or school.
  • Concerns about the child’s behavior, emotional expressions, or social-emotional development expressed by people close to the child.

If you are uneasy about your child’s behavior and development, the first step is to have your child undergo a comprehensive mental health assessment. Village staff are trained to provide mental health assessments for children starting as young as infancy.

How do I connect my child with services?

It’s very easy to access The Village’s behavioral health services. If you are seeking services to be provided at school, you must first have a discussion with your school counselor. The counselor will then make a referral to The Village’s school-based services, if appropriate. 

If it is not possible for your child to receive services from a Village counselor at his or her school, you can request an appointment by calling one of our offices. You may also fill out our appointment request form. One of our intake specialists will ask you questions about your specific situation and the issues you’d like to discuss, and then schedule a convenient time for you to meet with a counselor.

How are services paid for?

When you call, our intake specialist can give you information about fees. In many cases, counseling services at The Village are covered by your health insurance company. If you don’t have this sort of coverage, other funding options may be available.

For more information about school-based mental health services, contact The Village