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Your employer cares about your well-being and wants you and your household members to have access to the services you need to improve the quality of your overall health. Use the navigation links on this page to learn more about The Village EAP resources and services available to you.

Understanding The Village EAP

Employee Services

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Watch the orientation video below to learn more about The Village EAP. If you have any questions, call 1-800-627-8220 or contact us online.

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Understanding The Village EAP

Who is covered?

A household is a closely integrated system where anything one member experiences can affect the other members of the household. Therefore, The Village's Employee Assistance Program offers assistance to employees who have the EAP benefit directly through their employer, as well as to their household members. This means that EAP services can be accessed by anyone who is a permanent member of the household of a covered employee. It is not a requirement that household members are members of the employee’s family.

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How many sessions are available?

The Village Employee Assistance Program uses a “Household Aggregate” model to determine how many sessions may be available within a certain household within each 12-month period. The benefits are calculated based on each individual company’s contract year, which means that benefits expire when an existing services contract expires and renews when the employer renews the contract with The Village.

The maximum number of sessions available to members of a covered employee’s household is equal to the number of permanent household members times (x) four (4). As an example, a household with five (5) members would have access to a maximum of 20 sessions (5 members x 4/member = 20 sessions) per 12-month period. Employees are covered throughout their employment and for 90 days after employment ends.

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Accessing your EAP benefit

1. Make the call. When you want to access EAP services, just call 1-800-627-8220. This number is your one-point access to all services including appointments, Supervisor Helpline and after-hours crisis counselors. You'll either speak to an intake specialist immediately or please leave a message and our team will return your call. If you do not hear from us within two business days, please call us again.

2. Schedule an appointment. Let the intake specialist know you are with The Village Employee Assistance Program and who your employer is. They will ask you a few questions that will assist us in connecting you with the EAP services that best meet your needs. Appointments with counselors will be scheduled at times and locations that are as convenient to you as possible, including online appointments.

3. Visit with a counselor. Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes long. Within 60 days, you can schedule follow-up sessions directly with your counselor. After that timeframe, please contact The Village EAP for renewed access to your available sessions.

After Business Hours: Our regular office hours are 8 am to 7 pm Central Standard Time (CST) Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; and 8 am to 5 pm CST Wednesday and Friday. After these hours, an automated system answers calls to The Village Employee Assistance Program. You can leave a message and we’ll return your call the next business day. If you have an urgent need to speak to a counselor after business hours, call the same number, 1-800-627-8220, and stay on the line. The system will automatically connect you with a counseling professional. These counselors are specially trained to address the critical needs that sometimes occur after the regular workday.

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Privacy and Confidentiality

The Village's Employee Assistance Program policy is that Village employees will not discuss any information, including identity, about their clients, with any non-Village staff, unless we have your written authorization. It is in our best interest to abide by the highest possible standards. Our success hinges on your confidence that The Village respects individual privacy and adheres to the highest possible standards of confidentiality.

In addition to our agency policies, EAP counselors are bound by ethical and legal standards set by the professional organizations they belong to, and their licensing bodies. This high standard of confidentiality applies to all EAP counselors including those in private or group practice.

The only information we share with your employer is a periodic “utilization report” showing total numbers of people seeking services through the EAP benefit. These reports do not indicate who is seeking services – all the data is grouped together as a total for all employees.

The following circumstances are the only ones in which your EAP counselor will share what you have discussed.

  • If you authorize us to verify that we have seen you or are working with you, we can arrange to pass that information on to whomever you designate. You will have to sign a release of information before we will communicate the information.
  • Counselors and healthcare professionals are obligated, by state and federal law, to break confidentiality if there is a clear threat of harm to you or someone else, if we become aware of child abuse or neglect, or if we have to comply with a court order.

That’s it. Under no other circumstances will we provide information about you to anyone else. Your counseling sessions are truly a safe place for you to talk and work toward solutions for your personal problems.

Technology and Confidentiality

If you ever reach voice mail during business hours and do not want to leave a message, you can push “0” to return to our operator. The operator will redirect any crisis, message or concern. If you are comfortable leaving a message, please do so and we’ll get back to you. You may not be aware we are trying to reach you because we will not leave a message on an answering machine or voice mail unless you have told us it is okay to do so. We also have a block on our phone so our name and number will not come up on Caller ID. Confidentiality is key in all the work we do here at The Village.

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Employee Services

Drug/Alcohol Issues

If you or someone you love is affected by alcohol or drugs, there is hope. We are here to help if you have questions about how your alcohol or drug use might be impacting your relationships or work life. Chemical dependency evaluations are available as part of your EAP benefit, and counselors are available to provide support to you and your family.

The Village's Employee Assistance Program provides services such as:

  • Drinking and/or drug use assessments
  • Prevention and education recommended following a Chemical Dependency Evaluation
  • Counseling for kids regarding alcohol/drug issues 
  • Post-treatment counseling
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) assessment/evaluation mandated by the DOT (Requires a Supervisor Formal Referral)

Are you concerned about your drinking?
The Village's Employee Assistance Program encourages you to access the CheckUp & Choices website. Visit this site for a free, confidential screening and objective feedback related to your alcohol use.

Check out these sites for additional information on addiction and recovery:

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Emotional Issues

No one gets through life without problems. Tragedy, disappointments or losses and unresolved conflicts with others can affect a person’s quality of life, job performance, attendance and physical/emotional health. The Village Employee Assistance Program services can assist individuals and families in dealing with the problems more effectively.

One of our goals at The Village is to help to ensure emotional health and well-being by encouraging early identification of personal problems and offering solutions.

The Village Employee Assistance Program is free to employees and their household members and offers a wide range of programs to assist employees in dealing with everyday challenges. Our counselors can assist you in dealing with:

  • Personal Adjustment Problems
  • Emotional Problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicide Issues
  • Guilt, Shame and Self-Esteem Issues
  • Compulsive Behaviors

For additional information visit the National Institute of Mental Health.

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Financial Services

All employees and their household members of The Village Employee Assistance Program member companies are entitled to financial counseling. To get started, call 1-800-627-8220 or visit this website.

During your appointment, you and your financial counselor may discuss:

  • Any pressing current financial situation
  • Your overall financial situation
  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals
  • Your personal action plan for dealing with your financial situation 

A Debt Management Program can help you with unsecured debt such as:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical debt
  • Collection debt

Your counselor can help you develop a plan to reach your goals. For example:

  • Saving for your children's education
  • Saving for your retirement
  • Saving for an emergency fund for your family

Whether you are deep in debt, or just want to plan for the future, financial counseling will give you the tools you need to successfully execute your financial action plan. 

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Legal Services

Often, just one conversation with an attorney is all it takes to get the advice and the confidence you need to face a difficult situation. A Consolidated Legal Concepts, Inc. (CLC) telephone consultation is ideal if you:

  • Need basic legal information, like specifics about the divorce laws in your state
  • Are upset, anxious, or in crisis and need legal advice
  • Need legal information about a different jurisdiction, for example, where you will be traveling or where your parents live
  • Are facing a court hearing or decision (to sign or not to sign) soon and need help quickly
  • Are not sure of your situation and need to know if you should be contacting an attorney
  • Fear the high cost of legal fees  

CLC is available to employees of The Village's EAP member companies. Call The Village Employee Assistance Program at 1-800-627-8220 and we will connect you for a 30-minute consultation with a network attorney for family law or civil law matters (workplace law issues are not covered by the benefit). Any additional legal services with that attorney are available at a discounted rate. For more detailed information about CLC services, please visit The Village EAP CLC. CLC also offers multiple fillable legal forms on its Legal Resource Center.

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Relationship Issues

Relationships can offer some of life’s most rewarding experiences, including the opportunity to resolve differences and work through challenges together. Your EAP counselors are available to provide guidance in addressing difficulties and learning skills to enhance your relationships.

The Village's Employee Assistance Program counselors are available to assist you with:

  • Marriage/couple conflicts
  • Parent/child conflicts
  • Single parent challenges
  • Coping with older parents
  • Children’s issues
  • Sexuality issues
  • Two-career families
  • Co-dependency
  • Building a strong family

Couple Checkup

For EAP clients who wish to access the Couple Checkup online please contact The Village EAP at 1-800-627-8220. Please indicate that you would like to utilize your Village EAP to cover the cost of the Couple Checkup Assessment tool. Once you have received a voucher code from our EAP intake staff, visit the online Prepare-Enrich Couple Checkup.

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Workplace Issues

Workplace issues can affect you in many ways. An upsetting situation or difficult co-worker can impact your family life, other social interactions, or your career advancement. The Village Employee Assistance Program Counselors are available to help you with difficulties you experience at work. Issues that may be addressed with an EAP Counselor include:

  • Job-related conflict
  • Coping with change
  • Job stress coping skills
  • Workplace practices
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Job layoff
  • Job reviews
  • Performance
  • Promotions
  • Dealing with difficult co-workers
  • Surviving in your corporate culture

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Wellness Resources

Health Risk Assessments

This online tool can provide a baseline for your health status and concrete recommendations for improving your overall wellbeing. Call The Village at 1-800-627-8220 to access your free Health Risk Assessment.

Nutrition Counseling

After completing your free Health Risk Assessment, you can contact The Village and talk to a Nutrition Counselor as a part of your EAP. 

Wellness Courses

Your EAP may pay for community wellness-themed classes, on topics such as parenting, self-esteem, anger management, and mindfulness. There are a number of classes periodically offered at The Village Family Service Center; visit the Events page for upcoming offerings. For other classes, call 1-800-627-8220 before you register to see if the fee can be covered.

Informational Handouts


Read blogs on issues related to today's workplace >

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to common questions about The Village EAP. If you have any additional questions, please call 1-800-627-8220 or contact us online.

How do I access my EAP benefit?

You simply call 1-800-627-8220 and speak to an intake specialist. Identify your employer and that you are a member of The Village EAP. They will collect basic demographic information and set you up with an appointment.

How much is this going to cost me?

Nothing. The EAP is a benefit that your employer provides at no cost to you.

What are the services that are covered by my EAP?

Your EAP covers services that include, but are not limited to financial counseling, personal counseling, marriage counseling, legal counseling, drug and alcohol assessments and education, health risk assessment, and more. If you have any questions if we cover a certain service, do not hesitate to call 1-800-627-8220.

Who can use the EAP?

You, as the employee, or any member of your household can call the EAP for help whenever a personal problem is troubling you.

Do pets count as household members?

We know that pets are considered family members, but unfortunately they are not included in the household count for the EAP benefit.

How many sessions do I get?

You get four sessions per person in the household each contract year, with a minimum of eight sessions.  The sessions are yours to use any way you like, so if only one family member is using the benefit, they may be able to use all the sessions allotted to the household. Read more about our Household Aggregate Model.

Will my employer know that I am seeing a counselor?

If you are not formally referred they do not know unless you tell them that you are attending.

Will my spouse be told if I call in and access the EAP?

Typically, no, your spouse will not be told. In cases where multiple members of a household are accessing services and a member does not want other household members to know, we will work with them to make sure they have adequate sessions to meet their needs without breaking their confidence. As with all counseling there are exceptions to confidentiality when threats of suicide or homicide are made or when mandatory reports of child abuse and/or neglect are required. In such situations our first priority is to make sure involved parties are safe.

Do you have a counselor I can talk to near where I live?

We will check to see if we do, and if we don’t, we will try to find someone to accommodate you in your location. We also are able to provide web-based counseling in some states.

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