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The Village Employee Assistance Program creates and distributes monthly newsletters to all employees who have access to our services. We do this not only to provide you with information and articles we think may be useful and interesting, but also to remind you, your household and your co-workers of the services we have available, so if a time comes when you would like to contact us, you know where to call.

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March 2024 EAP Newsletter
Harnessing Nature for Wellness
Learn about practical tips and insights on how to incorporate plants into your daily routine.
February 2024 EAP Newsletter


Navigating The Year Financial Dos and Don'ts

Finance topics can be overwhelming: however, this knowledge is empowering. 

January 2024 EAP Newsletter
Overcoming Anxiety before it Happens
Anxiety can often motivate us, but sometimes, it can be paralyzing to the point of avoidance.
December 2023 EAP Newsletter
Breaking Winter Isolation — Finding Balance and Connection
Combat holiday isolation by engaging in these tips!
November 2023 EAP Newsletter
10 Steps to Minimize Family Stress During the Holidays
Follow these tips to make the most of the season.
October 2023 EAP Newsletter

Navigating the Winter Blues
Tips on how to combat seasonal affective disorder. 

September 2023 EAP Newsletter
Recovery Month
Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person. Every Family. Every Community. 
August 2023 EAP Newsletter
The Importance of Routines
Check out these 7 tips for creating and sticking to a routine.
July 2023 EAP Newsletter
Respect in the Workpace
Many companies have goals and policies regarding a healthy and respectful workplace, but what does respect in the workplace actually look like?
June 202 EAP Newsletter
How Can Partners Reconnect?
Four tips to better communicate with your partner.
May 2023 EAP Newsletter

Suicide Awareness and Prevention
May is Mental Health Month, let's continue to shed light on this important topic.

April 2023 EAP Newsletter
A Resource for your Well-Being
Resources available to help you manage stress and prioritize your well-being.
5 Ways to Fight Inflation

5 Ways to Fight Inflation
Learn how to achieve your financial goals even during uncertain times.

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages
Do you know your partner's love language? Learn about the five types and how to utilize them.

The Changing World of Mental Health

The Changing World of Mental Health
Reinforcing how important it is to take care of our mental health.

December 2022 EAP Newsletter

Setting Boundaries
Tips for creating healthy boundaries.

November 2022 EAP Newsletter

Learn how to prioritize self-care this holiday season.

Incivility in the Workplace


Incivility directly impacts how we do our jobs. There are a few things we can do to create a culture of civility in the workplace.

Keeping in Touch newsletter for September 2022


As the debate around legalization of marijuana continues, employees should know that legality doesn't mean there aren't consequences.

August 2022 EAP Newsletter: How to Foster a Healthy Relationship


Relationships require effort to be sustainable over time. Learn 3 key qualities for helping your relationships flourish.

July 2022 EAP Newsletter: Dimensions of Wellness


Your well-being is more than a cholesterol level or number on the scale. Learn about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, plus tips for a better night sleep.