Village EAP Supervisor Newsletters

The Village Employee Assistance Program creates and distributes quarterly newsletters to all supervisors who have access to our services. These newsletters are dedicated to helping supervisors lead, teach, and guide employees. 

Monthly newsletters for employees are also available. The newsletters are PDF files and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open them. You can download it for free.

For more information, contact us online or call The Village Employee Assistance Program at 1-800-627-8220.


1Q24 Supervisor Newsletter
Guiding Teams to Success with CliftonStrengths®
Learn the benefits of knowing your team's strengths.
VBI EAP Supervisor Newsletter Q4 2023

Fueling Employee Motivation
View examples of ways to support and motivate your employees.

Q3 2023 Supervisor Newsletter
Qualities of Effective Leadership
Leaders help bring the team together to work towards a common goal. Here are some qualities that may help you in that process.
Q2 2023 Supervisor Newsletter

Leading with Trust
There are many qualities associated with effective leaders, but trust tends to stands out as the most crucial trait.

Extinguishing Burnout
Explore 5 ways to help prevent burnout in your employees. 
Q3 2022 Supervisor Newsletter: Employee training is the key to growth and retention
Employees are hungry for knowledge and growth. Companies that invest in training their people see higher retention and satisfaction rates.
What supervisors can do about the Great Resignation newsletter
What supervisors can do to improve workplace culture and help employees feel valued.
Self-Care for Supervisors
Self-care for supervisors is critical to maintain optimal functioning, avoid burn-out and compassion fatigue, role model health and wellness, and positively influence a healthy work environment.
Incivility in the Workplace
Research has shown that incivility continues to rise amid the pandemic. What can organizations do to begin to create a culture of civility?