Meet April and Xander

How The Village Helped This Mom and Son Improve Their Relationship
Xander leaning his head on April's shoulder

From an early age, Xander's behaviors were frustrating for his mom, April. The aggression. The anger. The family sought help and a diagnosis, but the answers they got never added up. Years passed, and they were still struggling.

After April and Xander moved to West Fargo, they began receiving In-Home Family Therapy services from The Village Family Service Center. With their therapist's help and guidance, Xander received testing and an appropriate diagnosis. They now have access to the resources they needed to get along and communicate better, and for Xander to take positive strides in his behavior and relationships. April describes their therapist, Alyssa, as a "godsend."

"We've been learning so much about autism and about each other, learning styles, communication and coping skills," April says. "We deal better. We go out and do things and meet other people. We enjoy spending time together. We can laugh and joke."

In this video, April and Xander explain the difference In-Home Family Therapy made in their lives.

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